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Creative Lianjie Co., Ltd established in 2000, we have our own brand“Procet" headquarter is based in Beijing, factory is located at Dongguan.


Creative Lianjie Co., Ltd established in 2000, Has 20+ years of production and R&D experience.


The company has perfect after-sales service and OEM&ODM serives.It can well protect the interests of customers.

our team

The company has R&D Engineer Team, product testing team as well as the pre-sales and after-sales team.

RPOCET PoE injector factory

RPOCET PoE injector factory

USB C PoE Ethernet Adapter


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company news
china latest news about 10Gbps PoE, traditional PoE upgrade
On November 27, 2023
The market demand for high bandwidth is growing day by day. With the prevalence of emerging technologies such as AR virtual reality, augmented reality and 4K video streaming, high-speed Ethernet plays a vital role in coping with these emerging technologies. The 10Gbps PoE is Technical upgrade of ...
china latest news about PROCET New Product Release-PoE Switch
On November 21, 2023
Good news! PROCET launched a series of IoT PoE Switches. Let me show you a photo for a quick review.The PoE Switch is made of PC with white color. This white matches with many network devices in the office and in our home. Good heat dissipation with ventilation holes to ensure long term stable ...
china latest news about PoE LED Lighting Supply Solutions
On November 13, 2023
With the continuous development of Power over Ethernet technology, more and more emerging and traditional devices are beginning to apply PoE power technology. The PoE LED Lighting have been widely used long ago,IP lighting has only been available in the last few years.PoE floodlights and IR ...
china latest news about PROCET medical PoE power supply application
On November 6, 2023
Smart healthcare relies on precision technology, from telemedicine to on-site diagnostic data in hospitals, from smart health monitoring wearable devices to digital medical record management, innovative technologies aim to provide more accurate data/analyze better medical solutions. Therefore, the ...
china latest news about Fiber To PoE Power Supply achieve longer connections
On October 30, 2023
The current Internet of Everything requires a more stable and convenient optical fiber network to provide strong power for the Internet of Things, 5G, WI-FI6 and other industries. In order to meet the needs of high-speed network transmission, PROCET optical Fiber to PoE injectors provide high-speed ...