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Ocean Shipping PoE Solution

May 17, 2022

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Ocean Shipping Solutions


With the development of information technology, technology is applied in all walks of life, and network digital technology has become a necessary means and tool in operation management. Many PoE devices in the process of sailing can provide more accurate, automation and intelligence services while reducing labor costs. However, due to the limitation of constantly moving locations and unstable networks, as well as the influence of extremely changeable weather and the corrosiveness of seawater, the application of PoE technology on ships is also more difficult. How to make marine transportation turn to informatization, dataization and network development, so that PoE technology can be perfectly applied to ships, PROCET has our own way!



1. PoE applied to the shipping area, each cargo ship is different in structure, Requires flexible, large-area and long-distance wiring;

2. The marine environment is complex and harsh, and the PoE equipment needs to be installed outdoor. Therefore, it is required that all PoE system equipment on a marine freighter must meet extremely strict protection levels such as waterproof, windproof, lightning protection, and anti-corrosion;

3. The ship is far away from the communication base station on the land, and it is necessary to ensure a stable network connection.



PROCET Solution:

1. The transmission distance of the PoE is up to 100 meters, which can save costs and make wiring more flexible. Some freighters are hundreds of meters or even longer. For long-distance transmission, PROCET produces outdoor Ethernet extenders PT-PEX-01G-OT, each extender can extend the distance by 100m.

2. PROCET PoE switch PT-POS401GRF-OT meets IP67 waterproof and 6kv lightning protection level, the shell is made of solid cast aluminum material, perfect corrosion resistance, suitable for the marine environment.

3. Most ship navigation relies on satellite connections. In order to be more stable and compatible PoE systems, all PROCET switches and injectors use the unified IEEE802.3 network standard, which is widely compatible with various PDs.



PROCET has been focusing on PoE technology for nearly 20 years. We aim to break the traditional network form and provide more convenient network support for industries. The application of our outdoor PoE switch is not only in the shipping industry, but also works well in the petroleum, monitor industry and WIFI6, etc. IP67 waterproof level, wide operating temperature, anti-corrosion, anti-aging, lightning protection and other characteristics. it has been successfully applied in Russia, Saudi Arabia and other regions in recent years.


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