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PoE Improve Smart Home Solution

June 1, 2022

Latest company case about PoE Improve Smart Home Solution

PoE Improve Smart Home Solution


Smart home is no longer an unfamiliar vocabulary now. It integrates network communication, home security, automatic control, audio and video, and other technologies into one control system, enabling house owners to remotely control the equipment like lights, electrical appliances, and security cameras from the smart home control panel, bringing many conveniences. Today, we will introduce the application of PoE technology in the smart home industry, and see how PoE technology contributes to the smart home industry construction.



1. System Instability: Although most smart homes use Wi-Fi 6 and 2.4GHz networks currently, the problem of overload and congestion still cannot be solved. How to build a reliable network environment ? we need to explore.


2. Interface Protocol Incompatibility: The interface protocol of smart home products in the market is rather different, and it is difficult to unify technical standards.


3. Complex Large-scale Home Wiring: The wiring of multi-story houses, single-family villas, and outdoor courtyards is complex, and also difficult to change later.

PoE Improve Smart Home Solution

Procet Solution:

The network speed of wireless networks in Traditional smart home systems is greatly affected by factors such as distance and obstacles, while PoE wired connection effectively solves the problem of network instability.


As shown in the figure, the PoE signal comes from Procet PoE injector or PoE switch, then goes to the Procet PoE splitter, at last, the power and network go to the iPad through one cable. Procet USBC/Lightning PoE splitters are able to supply 10W/22W/60W powers, which are exactly useful for low-power devices in smart homes, such as automated curtains, smart speakers, and LED lights.


On the Physical Interface, Procet splitters adopt both the Apple Lighting interface and USB-C interface, which are suitable for most devices on the market.


For large-scale home buildings, PoE wire will bring easier wiring, no messy wires and countless sockets. POE can realize long-distance power and network transmission through only one network cable. In addition, PROCET's waterproof PoE extenders and a surge protector are good to use in the smart gardens.

PoE Improve Smart Home Solution

The application of PoE technology in smart homes will definitely be a hot trend in the future, and good quality PoE products are the foundation. PROCET has been deeply engaged in PoE (Power over Ethernet) industry for nearly 20 years, we produce PoE injectors, PoE surge protectors, PoE USBC splitter and Type-C splitter, and ethernet extenders, which can fully meet the cross-system and cross-platform requirements of the smart home industry.

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