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April 8, 2022

DIN Rail PoE Industrial Switch Installation

Recently, Procet has launched a new series of industrial-grade PoE switches, in fact, their essential application functions are the same as commercial switches. The main difference is the installation environment and adaptation to the industrial application environment, including:

(1) Industrial PoE switches are able to work in industrial environments, the installation method includes placing it flat on the desktop and DIN rail installation;

(2) Industrial PoE switches have stronger environmental adaptability, including wider upper and lower operating temperature, super dustproof and anti-corrosion capabilities, IP40 protection level, and enhanced electromagnetic compatibility.


Let's take Procet PT-PIS8P2S PoE switch as an example to learn the use of industrial switches from 2 aspects: Installation and environmental requirements.

DIN Rail PoE Industrial Switch Installation

PT-PIS8P2S Industrial-grade PoE Switches

1. Installation

Laying Flat on The Desktop:

The industrial PoE switch can be placed directly on a smooth, flat desktop. It is necessary to ensure enough space for ventilation and heat dissipation of the equipment, at the same time, the following two points need to pay attention to:

1) At least ensure that there is a 3cm-5cm space around the switch, and no heavy objects are placed on the PoE switch;

2) Ensure that the physical surface of the space can bear more than 3kg of weight.


DIN-rail Mounting:

The backside of the PT-PIS8P2S industrial switch has a DIN rail seat installed by default, so it can be directly installed on the DIN rail in an electric box or engine room. Very convenient for most industrial applications, the installation steps are as follows:

1) First check whether there are DIN-Rail rail installation tool accessories;

2) Adjust the product to the correct installation direction, the power terminal is upwards is correct;

3) Then put the upper half of the product guide railcard (the part with the circlip) into the guide rail, and put the lower half into the guide rail with a little force;

4) At last, check to make sure that the product is balanced and securely fixed on the DIN rail.


The installation method is shown as follows:

DIN Rail PoE Industrial Switch Installation

2. Environmental Requirements

Operating Temperature Requirements

The PT-PIS8P2S industrial-grade PoE switches are made with high-specification industrial-grade components, and the operating temperature range is from -40°C to 75°C, adapting most of the area temperature like high-temperature smelting plants, high snow mountains, etc.


Protection Level

Procet industrial-grade PoE switches adopt heavy-duty metal casing, stable structure design, anti-drop, anti-corrosion, and pressure resistance, also meet IP40 protection requirements, which can effectively prevent the entry of solid particles larger than 1mm in diameter.


Electromagnetic Protection

Procet PT-PIS8P2S industrial-grade PoE switch designed according to IEC 61000-4 standards, which is suitable for various harsh environments. Compared with commercial PoE switches, industrial-grade PoE switches have more protection mechanisms for industrial environments such as voltage fluctuations, static interference, and electromagnetic effects.


DIN Rail PoE Industrial Switch Installation

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