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October 30, 2023

Fiber To PoE Power Supply achieve longer connections

The current Internet of Everything requires a more stable and convenient optical fiber network to provide strong power for the Internet of Things, 5G, WI-FI6 and other industries. In order to meet the needs of high-speed network transmission, PROCET optical Fiber to PoE injectors provide high-speed data transmission technology combined with optical fiber cables and Ethernet ports, To achieve longer distance transmission in industrial and commercial applications by connecting optical fibers and Ethernet ports.


Fiber Optic Connection


Optical Fiber to PoE cable is a communication cable, which is composed of two or more glass or plastic optical fiber cores to transmit data with optical signals, this technology has completely changed the barriers to data transmission. Optical Fiber to PoE transmission has remarkable characteristics, high bandwidth capacity, anti-electromagnetic Interference, low latency and lightweight design. It is available in different form factors, including single-mode fiber (SMF) and multi-mode fiber (MMF), each suitable for specific applications based on distance and bandwidth requirements.



Product connect cable


The Ethernet port is the physical interface on the optic Fiber to PoE injector device, and it is also a protocol that enables the device to connect to a local area network (LAN), acting as a gateway for data packets, enabling communication between devices within the network. Different types of Ethernet ports include commonly used RJ45 ports, as well as SFP (Small Form Factor Plugable), SFP+ (Enhanced Small Form Factor Plugable), QSFP (Quad Small Form Factor Plugable), etc. Ethernet ports play an important role in data transmission, allowing devices to exchange data using the Ethernet protocol.



Advantages of optic Fiber to PoE injector = fiber + Ethernet (PoE) integration:


1. Fiber optic cables support speeds from 10Mbps to multi-megabits per second

2. The optical fiber cable transmission distance can cover a distance of several kilometers to tens of kilometers

3. Fiber optic cables are immune to electromagnetic interference and have low latency, allowing near-instant data transmission

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