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August 8, 2023

How Can We Select Good PoE Splitter Line?

What is the PoE Splitter line?


PoE Splitter line: PD power receiving equipment, which is used to separate PoE (data+power) signal components, and transmit them to non PoE network terminals such as webcams and wireless APs to form PoE power receiving equipment (PoE Splitter line+webcams=PoE webcams)


Product Information


How can we select good PoE Splitter line?


1. Look at the appearance: the performance of the devices that look beautiful may not be good, but the performance of the devices that look very bad must be better. The mature products of good manufacturers must be beautiful and standardized.


2. Performance: The main technical parameters of the high-quality PoE Splitter line support both PoE standards and IEEE802.3af and IEEE802.3at power supply standards; The power supply mode supports both 12/36 pin power supply and 45/78 pin power supply, and adopts isolated design. These conditions must be met at the same time to be the standard PoE Splitter line, so as to ensure the stable operation of the product and not cause damage to external equipment.


3. Look inside: take it apart to see whether the components inside are placed reasonably, and whether the circuit design is smooth and tidy. Excellent internal design of products will give people a pleasant feeling, and there should be no less protective devices. Poor products are in chaos, and the materials are extremely simple. It can be seen from the above two pictures that although the functions are not different, the design materials are quite different.

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