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August 19, 2022

How to Choose an Ethernet Surge Protector?

Do we really need an ethernet surge protector for our PoE? If you reside in an area that experiences thunderstorms or regular blackouts due to one reason or another, you absolutely need an Ethernet surge protector for PoE application! When the voltage increases from the norm for at least 3 seconds, heat will be generated in the arc, This inexpensive equipment can avoid more costly issues. Surge protectors are always an important part of any home or industrial network. Ethernet surge protectors cannot only protect expensive indoor equipment such as computers, switches, and storage servers, but also protects CCTV cameras and WIFI APs that are more vulnerable to lightning strikes outdoors.


How to Choose an Ethernet Surge Protector?cid=36


When you decide to buy a surge protector for your PoE system, how do you choose them from a bunch of products? Several factors we need to consider according to your using system:


1. The installation way of the surge protector

There are many different shapes of the Ethernet surge arresters, the purpose is to match different installation scenarios. If the surge protector needs to be installed in a waterproof box or cabinet, then you need to choose a din rail mounted surge arrester. If you need to hang it on the wall or simply place it in a box, you can choose an ordinary arrester with mounting holes.


2. The using environment of the arrester is also a consideration

Whether the arrester needs to be waterproof? whether the working temperature is suitable? Most of the ethernet surge protectors on the market are non-waterproof arresters. Procet produces 2 types of ethernet surge protectors, including outdoor waterproof use and indoor use, they also support working temperatures from -40℃ to 65℃, which can be used in most areas in the world.


How to Choose an Ethernet Surge Protector?cid=36


3. The power and network speed of the PoE system

At present, arresters generally support more than 1000mpbs, some of them even support 5G 10G data speed. There are also many choices for power like 30w/60w/90w/120w, what's more, there are arresters with multiple interfaces, so we need to screen the power of each interface.


4. The protection line sequences and the protection voltage level are the most important point

We know that the network cable has 8 line sequences. For the best protection effect, we need to choose a surge protector that can protect 8-line sequences, which is what most surge protectors can do. While the protection voltage value is quite different and ranges from 2kv-6kv-10kv. Procet surge protectors all support 10kv protection, which is the largest protection voltage on the market.


Procet is a professional manufacturer of network surge protectors. We produce various series of network surge protectors, din rail surge protectors, outdoor surge protectors, multi-port surge protectors with CE certification, and support ODM and OEM. Thank you for your reading and support. In the next issue, we will introduce the installation of ethernet surge arresters.

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