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March 24, 2022

Industrial and Commercial PoE Switch Differences

There are many types of PoE switches on the market. Most of the switches seen in life are ordinary commercial switches, while rarely seen industrial PoE switches are widely used in smart transportation, security system, wind power photovoltaics, coal mines, and other fields. In particular, power, transportation, and metallurgy are called the three potential industries for industrial PoE switch applications, which work in terrible environments. So today let's take a look at the difference between industrial PoE switches and commercial PoE switches?


Differences Between Industrial and Commercial PoE Switch

Advantages of Industrial PoE Switches:

1. Super Anti-interference Performance with Industrial PoE Switches: To work in a harsh working environment, the built-in components are required to withstand the test of the harsh environment, so industrial switches need to meet a higher requirement on product components. Solid basic raw materials make industrial PoE switches have strong anti-interference functions, such as lightning protection, waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-static, and other aspects that have a high level of protection, while commercial PoE switches do not have these functions.


2. Industrial PoE Switches Support Wide Temperature Operation: Procet Industrial PoE switches have metal casings, which have better heat dissipation and stronger protection. They can basically work well from -40℃ to 75°C and can adapt to complex temperatures and humidity, but commercial The operating range of a switch is relatively narrow, normally 0℃-40℃, so if you need a PoE switch in extremely cold or hot areas, an industrial PoE switch is necessary!


3. Industrial PoE Switches Support Fast Ring Network Redundancy: Industrial PoE switches generally have fast ring network redundancy functions, and the redundancy time is usually less than 20ms. Commercial PoE switches products can also form redundant networks, but their healing time is more than 10-30s, which is too long to meet the needs of industrial environments.


4. Industrial PoE Switches have Longer Using Life: Industrial PoE switches use industrial-grade solutions from the outside shell to the inside components, which leads to higher reliability and longer using life, Industrial PoE switches generally can continually work for more than 10 years, while ordinary commercial switches are roughly 3-5 years. A longer using life can effectively save maintenance costs in the project later.


Differences Between Industrial and Commercial PoE Switch

If you are looking for a PoE Switch for outside, hospital and any other solutions with terrible environments, please choose an Industrial PoE switch. PROCET has been deeply involved in PoE(Power over Ethernet) industry for nearly 20 years, mainly integrating R&D, manufacturing, and sales of PoE power supply and lightning protection products, including industrial-grade PoE switches. We have rich R&D technology and production technology and are committed to providing customers with quality The best and most affordable products.


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