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July 31, 2023

Industrial PoE Injector Supply Distance applications,far beyond your imagination

Industrial Ethernet (PoE) is applied to the production line equipment and control execution level. The entire system has strict requirements for bus communication and networking, and the real-time and accuracy of data transmission.PROCET industrial PoE injector supply distance, communication rate from 10M, 100M increased to today's 1000M, 10G technology to improve the communication rate is very substantial to reduce the network load and reduce the network transmission delay, the network collision rate is also greatly reduced.

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Industrial PoE injector supply distance, PROCET industrial PoE injector equipment in full compliance with IEEE802.3 international standards, IP40- 67 metal housing, strong heat dissipation performance to enable stable operation of the device, waterproof performance for complex outdoor work environment. PoE injector supply distance whether in product design, or from the material selection, product strength, applicability and interoperability, reliability, anti-interference and other aspects can meet the needs of industrial sites.

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