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July 21, 2022

Is the Maximum PoE Distance Only 100m?

Traditional PoE transmits power and network over twisted pairs, due to the large power loss of the cables, the maximum transmission is only 100m. Long-distance transmission over 100 meters must exceed Category 5 and above, and it is an 8-core network cable. At the same time, the switch is powered by 8 cores, and the camera must also be powered by 8 cores. The key point is that the PoE switch device supports the network extension mode. When it is turned on, the data transmission and power supply distance of the corresponding port can be up to 100 meters or even 150 meters when using the super five and Internet cables.


One more thing we need to know is that the algorithms and tests in the laboratory are very different from the actual situation. The calculated ones are not necessarily usable in practice.


Is the Maximum PoE Distance Only 100 Meters?cid=36


With the development of PoE technology, the distance of PoE transmission is no longer a problem. The following two solutions are proved reliable: 1. Adding PoE extenders; 2. Use fiber optical PoE.


A PoE extender is an accessory to extend the transmission distance, also called PoE repeater. It can break through the "100m" distance limit. Support 4 extenders at most in one cable, plug and play, don't need any setup steps or external power supply. Note that power loss occurs when more than two extenders are connected.


Is the Maximum PoE Distance Only 100 Meters?cid=36


Procet industrial-grade outdoor PoE extender, IP67 waterproof grade and 6KV lightning protection, and gigabit data speed for most outdoor PoE connections.


PROCET fiber optic PoE is more suitable for large-scale parks, highways, and other projects. The transmission distance of the fiber optic PoE can be up to 80km. For example, in a large office area with a number of monitoring systems that require high network transfer and SAN speeds, fiber optic PoE is a good choice. Procet optoelectronic hybrid PoE can be used in large areas like LAN, and IoT for its faster speed and stronger anti-interference ability. Check Procet Fiber PoE injector list for more details.

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