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November 16, 2021

【New Product】 Procet 95w 10G SFP PoE Injector

Good news! Procet designed a new outdoor PoE injector with more comprehensive functions and perfect quality: PT-PSE108GBRS-OT-10. This is a gigabit 10G fiber PoE injector, with an IP67 waterproof Aluminum case, supporting outdoor industrial use. 802.3af/at/PoE++ Standard PoE with input 100-240Vac 2.0A and output 55Vdc 1750mA.


Support Up to 10G Data Transit Rate

Supports 10/100/1000Mbps and 2.5G/5G/10G data rates, by using this PT-PSE108GBRS-OT-10 PoE injector, you will obtain 10 times network speed without extra cost. It exceeds the existing 1 Gbps network speeds up to 2.5Gb/5Gb/10Gb while retaining the use of existing cabling infrastructure.


Procet New 95w 10G Outdoor SFP PoE Injector

Support SFP Transit


This PoE injector has 1 SFP input port, 1 power input port, and 1 PoE output port. The SFP port supports optical fiber signal input and farther signal transmission, data can be transmitted from a long distance to using area through the fiber.


Procet New 95w 10G Outdoor SFP PoE Injector

Designed for Outdoor Industrial Used


This newly designed PoE injector also has 6kv Surge Protection, working Temperature from -40°C to 65°C, IP67 waterproof metal case makes it work well outside, never worry about getting wet. Perfectly working at special and harsh scenarios, like highway side, mountain, and exurb applications. 95W power supply meets most of most needs. It can be placed in the electrical box, also support wall-mounted and pole-mounted.


Procet New 95w 10G Outdoor SFP PoE Injector

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