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October 7, 2023

PoE Injector power supply Technology combination with Automotive Industry

PoE Ethernet (Power Over Ethernet) is a technology that transmits power over a network, and has been developed for applications such as video cameras, self-driving cars, smart homes, etc., which use PoE injector power supply devices for data transmission and power supply.PoE is also known as Power over LAN or Active Ethernet (PoL). PoE is also known as Power over LAN (PoL) or Active Ethernet, and is sometimes referred to as Power over Ethernet.



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In recent years PoE Ethernet applications have expanded to the automotive industry, which requires low data loads and shorter distances. PoE Ethernet is primarily used to transmit data from the many sensors involved in adaptive cruise control, parking assistance, autonomous driving and other in-vehicle systems. the data output of PoE injector power supply devices supports 100BASE-T1 or 1000BASE-T1 opto-electronic converter modules. IEEE802.3af/at/PoE++, fiber is thinner cable has a smaller bend radius, making installation, wiring and management easier and more flexible.


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The PoE Ethernet solution for the automotive industry refers to an Ethernet interface customized for vehicle use, using PoE injector power supply devices to meet the needs of the automotive industry. Consumers have higher and higher requirements for intelligent cars. Networking and digitization, that is various software in cars, such as smart phone connection systems, in-vehicle infotainment systems, and navigation systems, are becoming more and more complex. Automotive Ethernet is a A physical network used to connect components within a car using a wired network. The technical integration of automotive & PoE Ethernet can better provide mature and standardized solutions with large bandwidth, high reliability, low latency, and high precision for automobiles.


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