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September 4, 2023

PROCET Industrial PoE Power Supply devices Empowering Industrial Applications

PROCET provides convenient and flexible Industrial PoE Power Supply + Network connection solutions for industrial automation applications. PSE105 series industrial-grade PoE power supply equipment is developed and designed based on industrial-grade environments, which can reach a wide industrial temperature range from -40 °C to 75 °C. The sturdy IP40 metal industrial casing can provide high levels of resistance to electromagnetic interference and strong surges ability, especially in power plants and high-speed traffic devices without cooling conditions, the industrial-grade overall design can be placed in almost any harsh environment.


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PROCET 105 series Industrial PoE Power Supply devices supports redundant power input, can be connected to external solar power, DC terminal power supply, with reverse polarity protection, power supply magnetic protection design, it can avoid burning equipment due to wrong wiring, support dual-channel DC input to ensure high reliability of the network system. The PoE port can withstand 6KV, 10/700uS impulse voltage waveform. Industrial Ethernet is a cost-effective optimal solution for new energy and other industrial network communication construction. PROCET 105 series industrial PoE power supply equipment is widely used in solar power generation systems, vehicles, RVs, VoIP IP telephone systems, powerful optical fiber ring networks, etc. .


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