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June 9, 2023

PROCET PoE to USB-C gigabit adapter

  Nowadays, people cannot live without WIFI networks in companies, restaurants, shopping malls and homes. People have a high demand for WIFI networks.But the reality is that whether at home or outside, WIFI is often used by too many people or because of the distance from the WIFI point resulting in poor WiFi signal and thus affecting the speed of the network, watching HD video cards, game delays, live streaming lag.Because the Apple Macbook only has a Type-C port, it can only rely on WIFI for internet access as well as handheld devices like mobile phones/IPads. Why can't these devices be plugged directly into a network cable like a laptop? Well, we have one solution to solve it out!


Product Information


  Therefore, PROCET is launching a PoE to USB-C adapter and an indoor PoE converter for Apple. The two device converters correspond to the lightning port and the USB-C (USB-C) port respectively.Using the product as a network transmission medium, it is able to connect handheld devices like mobile phones/IPAD directly to the internet, whether it is for playing games, watching movies or live streaming. This product will give you a much smoother internet connection than WiFi.


Product Information


  PoE to USB-C adapter, versions are available in powered and powered+network versions. The product has a built-in intelligent detection chip, making it able to automatically identify powered devices and meet different power supply needs.The USB-C port supports forward and reverse plugging, with stable network speed and no dropouts, giving you a smooth live gaming experience.At the same time, the PoE to USB-C adapter is plug-and-play without configuration and the output supports PD3.0 fast charging protocol, which is not only suitable for mobile phones/IPADs, but also provides continuous power supply and stable network connection for mobile devices such as laptops/gaming consoles with USB-C port.The product is electrically safe and none of the outputs exceed a safe voltage of 57V. It does not require protection against electric shock and the product is CE certified.

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