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June 30, 2023

USB to Ethernet Integration of Network and Electricity

Nowadays, the USB Type-C interface has been unified, and 3C digital products (mobile phones, laptops) are no longer equipped with corresponding network cable interfaces because of their thin and light designs. When the WIFI connection is not ideal, it will greatly reduce the office efficiency and the entertainment experience of watching movies and games.PROCET Type-C Gigabit Fast Charge Converter enables the network cable to be directly plugged into the mobile phone/laptop to realize the function of charging + surfing the Internet.


Product Information


Plug in network cable/type c to network port


When you play mobile phone and notebook, the WIFI signal or 4G network is very unstable. You can directly plug the network cable into the mobile phone through the Type-C network cable converter or docking station, and the network will be unimpeded.


Higher current and voltage charging


The Type-c interface supports powerful power transmission (up to 60W). It can be said that it was born for fast charging, completely surpassing the traditional Micro-USB/Lightning interface.


Product Information


Type-c interface conversion supports Fast Charge 3.0


The output supports the PD3.0 fast charging protocol, which can provide a continuous power supply and a stable network for mobile phones, game consoles, tablet computers, and so on.


Gigabit Ethernet port, no driver required


The Type-C gigabit fast charging converter is designed based on IEEE802.3af/at/bt, PoE power supply standards. The simple white appearance with the brand logo looks stylish and portable. It has a standard Type-C interface, and a built-in high-performance power consumption core chip. Gigabit and 100M network multiple options, direct driver-free operation, stable and fast performance, and smooth Internet downloads.


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