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September 25, 2023

USB Type C adapter to PoE Power and Networking all in one

The result of the harmonization of USB Type C adapter ports is that mobile digital products, enterprise and industrial equipment all use USB Type-C as the only power input port.When a device has only one USB Type-C port to unify all access, this brings many obstacles to business office.PoE is becoming more and more popular.And power supply through standard Ethernet cables is more common, more convenient, and also a cost-effective solution, which can provide power and data at an effective distance of 100 meters.


Product Information


At present, most adapters on the market have different functions. PROCET independently developed and launched a PoE to USB Type C adapter,power supply and network two-in-one, which provides 60W USB-C power supply through the output of Ethernet (PoE) infrastructure (PoE switch, PoE power supply equipment) power. PoE to USB-C adapter standard IEEE802.3at/af/bt standard input, converted to 60W power and 1000Mbps data output through USB-C.


Power and networking all in one


PROCET USB Type C adapter does not need a driver, plug and play, it can supply power for security cameras, laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other devices with USB-C power input, implement standard PoE IEEE802.3af/at/bt Protocol, the built-in PSE detection chip detects and classifies PD powered equipment, and can be freely equipped with various standard Ethernet (PoE) PD terminals. Through the TYPE-C/USB interface, you can enjoy Gigabit network services.


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