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July 8, 2022

Use Ethernet On Airplane Mode?? That's Easy!

At present, wifi has become an indispensable existence in life, and devices such as mobile phones/pads/computers are inseparable from wifi. But when Stuck in a dead zone or struggling to connect your phone or tablet to spotty Wi-Fi, how do our mobile devices such as mobile phones/pads/laptops connect to the internet?


Connecting an Ethernet to USB-C/Lightning converter may be a good solution.


1. Prepare an Ethernet Converter


First, we need to prepare an RJ45 to USB-C or RJ45 to Lightning adapter. Most Android devices and iPad Pro require a USB-C converter, while iPhones or most iPads require an Ethernet to the Lightning converter. As shown in the picture below, the Procet adapter has a network interface on one end and a USB-C or lighting on the other end. Interface, various types, adapt to different needs.


How to Connect Devices to Ethernet Without Wifi?cid=36

2. Connect the Cable Easily


Connect your mobile device to the USB-C/Lightning port on the converter, then connect the converter's RJ45 port to the Ethernet port on your router or switch via a network cable, and a fast and reliable connection come true.


how to Connect Devices to Ethernet Without Wifi?cid=36


3. Need to Set It Up on Your Phone or IPad?


NO!!! PROCET adapter is truly plug-and-play. When your mobile phone and iPad are connected to the adapter, it will automatically switch the network to the wired network connection. You don't need any manual settings or complicated operations. What’s more? When your network is a PoE network, you can use the adapter to surf the Internet while charging, and the output supports PD3.0 fast charging protocol, with ultra-fast charging speed.


How to Connect Devices to Ethernet Without Wifi?cid=36


Procet PoE to USB-C converters supply power and power + ethernet 2 versions. 10-23-60W output power for choice. The converters have built-in intelligent detection chips and will identify power supply equipment automatically to meet different power supply requirements. It is not only suitable for mobile phones/IPADs, but also for Mobile devices such as laptops/game consoles with USB-C interfaces, providing continuous power supply and a stable network.

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