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May 17, 2022

What is PoE to USB-C?

The European Union Commission announced a plan last year, which to force smartphone and other electronics manufacturers to install a universal USB-C charging port on their devices within two years. This means the USB-C interface will undoubtedly become the mainstream of the charging port industry.


What is USB-C?

USB-C, the full name is USB Type-C, which belongs to the next-generation interface of USB3.0. Its highlights are slimmer design, faster transmission speed (up to 10Gbps), and stronger power transmission (up to 100W). In addition, the USB-C interface also supports double-sided insertion, which is more advanced than USB2.0/USB3.0. Many advantages make it widely used in mobile phones, computers, game consoles, etc.


What is PoE to USB-C?cid=36


What can PoE do in the USB-C power supply?

We know that the USB-c interface is generally connected to a power adapter, and then connect to an AC socket, but due to the large power loss in the power cable, the length of the power cable we used in our daily life is only three meters at most, which also means that the power can only be supplied within three meters of the socket. No long cable means no convenient life.


PoE(Power over Ethernet) technology can just solve this problem! In PoE power supply systems, the energy can be transmitted up to 100 meters through the network cable! It is undoubtedly a good application for some places where it is inconvenient to set up a socket. In addition, it is energy-saving and economical.


How to apply PoE technology to the USB-C charging field?

Whether you have a PoE switch or only a regular switch, it can be done with Procet's new PoE to USB-C splitter. Energy and data flow out from the PoE switch (or a regular switch + PoE injector) through the network cable. At this time, the network cable can transmit up to 100 meters (if you need a longer distance, you can connect a Procet ethernet extender), then connect the network cable to Procet PoE to a USB-C splitter, which is very convenient.


What is PoE to USB-C?cid=36


Procet new released PoE to USB-C splitter:

Various power options: 10W-22W-60W, can power a wide range of electronic devices from mobile phones to laptops.

Two modes: Only power supply & power supply + data transmission

Plug and play, no need to debug

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