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June 22, 2022

What is Reverse Voltage Protection in PoE?

Reverse voltage protection circuits prevent damage to power supplies and electronic circuits in the event of a reverse voltage applied at the input or output terminals. Reverse voltage protection is implemented at the input of the power supply or onboard the custom, multiple output redundant power supplies. Reverse voltage protection is also important in PoE, it may cause fire disasters, overheating-related hazards (PTC), mechanical damage, chemical hazards, radiation hazards, and so on in severe cases.


What is Reverse Voltage Protection in PoE?cid=36


For PoE products, many of its components cannot withstand excessive reverse voltage. Therefore, when the polarity of the voltage is reversed, the internal circuit components of the PoE injectors may be damaged. PROCET industrial-grade PoE injector has incorporated reverse connection protection into the key link in the early stage of research and development. The circuit system setting must be powered by the correct AC/DC voltage to work normally, When a reverse connection occurs, the automatic reverse voltage protection is turned on.


What is Reverse Voltage Protection in PoE?cid=36


PROCET industrial-grade PoE injector PSE105GW AC/DC dual-input has Reverse Connection Protection and Redundancy Insurance. Output reaches up to 60W when fully loaded, the PoE power supply has a built-in smart chip, when connected to PDs, it will detect IEEE802.3af/at /poe++ standards automatically, and supply power after the test is passed. It is suitable for harsh industrial environments such as IP cameras, wireless APs, and the Internet of Things. The transmission distance is 100 meters. All materials are RoHS and Reach compliant.


What is Reverse Voltage Protection in PoE?cid=36

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